Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Race Track.,

Ok A few months ago (i know this is a VERY late post), Max & I went with my brother Zach & his kids to the Super-Moto track and it was COOL! I honestly didn't know how much I would like it but it turned out to be pretty fun to watch. I put a few pictures of them on the track up here & I couldn't resist putting those cute kids up too because some pictures I took turned out adorable!
Here's a sweet picture of Max:
Precious little Leah:
Cute Kyler
Zach tearin' it up:
Ok I couldn't resist these DARLING kiddos, this picture is SO perfect of them. I love these kids!
Kyler, Shayla, Leah
Here's Max zooming around a corner: (kinda scary but cool i guess)
This picture is SWEET of Zach goin around the corner, these guys are intense!
Just getting ready to head out onto the track:
I thought this picture was pretty cool with the clouds back there, this one is Maxi:
Fun Fun day! Thanks Zach!!!

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