Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter 2010 SUNRISE Trip

Ok just after New Years we decided to go up to Sunrise and take a day snowboarding. Max got a new snowboard that had to be used soon! Mckenna, Courtney, and David met us up there and we had such a fun day. Although it was freezing cold and snowing the whole time, we managed to have fun and get home in one piece.

The lovely snow-covered Element :) Love this car.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


FIRST MARRIED CHRISTMAS!!! It was the best Christmas with my lover yet! We were very creative this year with what to get eachother because we're a poor married couple. It made it better though, Max got me a sweet helmet to go riding in, a NINTENDO 64 and we love it! We got sleeping bags, awesome shirts, bikes that are way cool, and some other fun things!
Picture of my cute helmet.

Max all excited when he was opening his new nixon wallet!

I have the most wonderful husband! He gave me coupons like this one for different things he would do for me. I love him.

Handsome boy!


Our 2 stockings, plain but just perfect!

My parents got my us all bikes and we thought that was the best idea! We love riding them around and really enjoy them, thank you mom and dad!

The cute Dewitt kids, we love Mckenna and Hudson. You two are awesome and so much fun. Love you both!

Max's parents got us some sweet sleeping bags that we love! They actually zip together! Thank you so much, we love you guys!

Christmas Day ~ 2009

Bum to Bum

Hip to Hip....forever!


On Halloween weekend we were up in Springerville staying at a friend's cabin, when we came across our very first official pet. She is so soft and cute and we loved her! Atleast for a little bit.

Max givin some love to our furry friend.

We really didn't mind having Punkin around. It was fun to let her in the house every once in a while and watching her run around. Surprisingly she only pooped like 15 times inside, but outside she pooped like a MAINYACK!! The first week we had her we only had veggies to feed her, and she wasn't pooping very much at all. So we got her some rabbit food and came home to this mess! (above) She pooped and peed ALL over max's brown shoes inside & out. It was quite gross.
We had to put this white pipe against the wall there on our porch to block the holes so she couldn't escape!

Precious Punkin'

Sad to say, we had to let her go at Max's house to run around with the other bunnies because she chewed up my computer cord, and pooped WAY too much. We'll always remember our precious little punkin'.

Halloween Weekend!!

Our first Halloween weekend as a married couple was FUN FUN! First we got invited to go to a barbecue/party with my work. When Max heard it was free ribs he was there in a heart beat! It was super fun with lots of decorations and food. This picture is from that night:

After that we left to drive to Springerville AZ to stay at Jesse's cabin with some couples. Since it was Halloween weekend we both got matching pumpkin shirts, unfortunately I was not in this picture. We forgot to take one of both of us :( But here's my model husband showing off his cute shirt.

Here's Jesse's amazing cabin! His parents basically live up there now and were SO good to all of us making food all the time, and letting us have a great time!

We got to go shooting and riding quite a bit up here too. Max green truck is awesome isn't it!

I was so cold I wore my snowboard jacket around up there.

We went to church with everyone and got all dressed up for it. As you can see Max is sporting the old-fashioned collared vest, which he wore proudly.

On the drive home we stopped to take some cool pix with a nice Arizona background.
Ok here are two more cute pix of Max and I out at the Florence property. I forgot these ones and thought they were cute!

Since Max first got home from his mission we've really enjoyed going out to his parent's place out in Florence. Now that we're married we've gone even more to hang out, ride motorcycles, spend time with family, and just to have fun! The desert is such a beautiful place and we love going out there! Here are some fun pix:

Picture of outside the house.

There's a zip line that Brent put in that is tons of fun! You have to go upstairs and harness up, then hold on and zip down goin really fast! This is a picture of our friends/family down below us when we were zip lining. The only thing is that you have to slow yourself down with your feet and hold on or you'll have a gnarly crash :)

The famous HUGE buffalo that Brent shot.

Jeanne & Mckenna posing in the rays of the noon-day sun :)

This was a cool-lookin picture I took of the V-shaped cactus with the sun peeking through.

Me and my handsome love.

My husband and his second true-love :)

Some of my family came out a couple times and we had lots of fun! My parents, Zach, Kyler, Tyson, Courtney, Colter, and Lace came out there this time. Here is a picture of Colter & Kyler in the back of the Rhino sippin' on Cari-Suns.

Max has an absolute obsession/love for motorcycles. He even enjoys taking Hudson's pit-bike out and hitting some jumps. These couple of pictures actually look pretty cool of him getting some big air!

Here is Max, then Zach, and Ty all dressed similarly. You can hardly tell them apart!

The jeep is TONS of fun out there. We take it out quite a bit out there & love it. Here's a pic of them crossing the river when it was low. We went with Shelby and Levi (Max's cousins).

Max and I had such a fun night! He kinda surprised me with some tickets to one of my favorite country singers ever, which is Jo Dee Messina. She had a small concert at the Mesa Arts Center and it was probably the funnest concerts I've been to. There were only about 30 rows of people there, and we were pretty close! She did really informal concert where she just picked people in the audience to request songs and ask questions. That night was a night to remember, I had tons of fun with my love! Thanks Max.

This is her singing away, as you can see we were able to be not too far away!