Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jaycie's Teeth Cleaning Experience

When I was in school I had such a fun time cleaning my family's teeth! I had a lot of support from them and I hope they know how much I appreciate it! It was so much fun cleaning Colter and Jaycie's teeth. It's such a new experience for them so you really have to warm them up to everything. We played with all the water/suction and dental 'things' and Jaycie did great!

We blew up a glove and made a face out of it.

She didn't mind everything except polishing. She really didn't like the feel of buzzing in her mouth. But she LOVED when we turned her teeth pink cuz that's her favorite color! :)
This is her monkey friend that she loved as well.

Xrays, she's such a cutie-pa-tootie!


Fun Lake Trip with the Girls

My mom took me and kylie and her cute kiddos to the lake back in September. It was lots of fun, and hilarious to see Jaycie wakeboard with her mom. She's only 2 and loved it! She says she wants to go back to the lake to go Wakey-boarding :) Krew and Jaycie rode on the tubes with Kylie and I, they did great even when grandma went a little fast! It was such a fun day.

Rockin' the pink glasses, such a girly girl.
Krew REALLY wanted to drive the boat!

What's on YOURS face?

Tube ride, we kept getting splashed in the face with water from the wind. Jaycie kept looking at me to see how I'd react and I just laughed, so she just laughed with me, so cute.


Grandma won't like this picture too much, but it's cute and I had to post it :)

Ky won't like this one either but it's fun!

Practicing wakey-boarding

Krew was so good on the boat, such an easy boy!


So cute, can't believe she is old enough to do this!

I think we wore them out :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Love My Parents!!!

My parents are amazing. I often wonder how I'm so blessed to have the most wonderful family and fabulous parents in the world! They are the most giving people you'll ever meet and are always willing to help with anything. And can you tell how much fun they are by these pictures?! I love them both and my whole family so much!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grandmas discover photo booth

When I'm 75 years old, I hope I'm like the one on the right :) She's quite a dancer!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Jack for Labor Day

My parents rented a cabin in Happy Jack for us all to join them up there over Labor Day weekend. I'll tell you what, if was SO much fun. The weather was perfect, and the food was fantastic (as always with my family, nobody goes hungry!). We played games, went to Long Lake, went on a run and almost passed out, ate our brains out, pranked eachother with bairballs, and I even spotted an elk! It was a super fun weekend.

Pile of crawdads! These kids love it!

Max pulling in one crawdad after another.

My little buddies.

Hangin out at the lake.

Kylie & her cute kiddos.

Ty teaching Colter how to throw rocks in the lake and scare all the fish away :) Nice.


Little buddies.

Well I hate to admit this but Aunt Allie and Uncle Max are these two kids' favorites! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Most Horrible Blogger . . . I know!

Ok, I know I'm the world's WORST blogger ever, I haven't updated for months! But I do kinda thing I have a good excuse for it: SCHOOL. Even though I LOVE blogging and think it's a great tool to have for friends and family to see, I just have been swamped lately! So I thought I'd get on here and update on things that I have pictures of. So here's a list of what I've slacked on for 2011:

New Years


Max's 23rd Birthday

Courtney is Prego (girl-YAY!)

My 22nd birthday

4th of July

Starting my LAST semester of DH School

Cabin Fun with the family

Piano recitals

Lacey graduated high school

Camping trip with Dewitt Family

Mike & Sue got married

Mckenna leaving to EA

Archer & Krew both turned 1


Lot's more :)

Max's pets, oh what he gets me into :)

The most FREEZING cold dune trip ever. This went down as the most miserable trip ever, yet the most memorable! We went with some friends of ours (Chris and Sara), and oh what a funny weekend, never go to the dunes in January!

Me ripping it up :) Going like 25 mph ha!

This quote is one Max found and we kinda adopted it as our little life booster. It's really great, we wouldn't mind if you adopted it too . . . its that good!

The Mcdewy-Double: max's mcdonald's concauction, its actually pretty good!

SUPERCROSS 2011, so much fun as usual!

I don't know why, but Max finds pleasure in growing his hair longer, then buzzing it while making ridiculous hair-do's while doing it. This is why I love him :) haha

For Max's birthday this year I wanted to do something but didn't know what. So I surprised him & went goofy golfing. As most of you know Max beats me at EVERYTHING, my competitiveness doesn't do well with this. However on this day, I kicked butt and beat him by like 5 points!

Silly Boy

The FAMOUS 2011 HABOOB!! We took this picture standing outside our house while it was going crazy!

Valentine's Day 2011 Max took me up to a pretty place & had dinner while watching the sunset! It was so perfect and thoughtful. I love this boy! Kissy:

Thanks to Max's wonderful mother she even made her home-made spaghetti for us! THANK U!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXI!!! For Max's birthday this year we got a buncha friends and family together, went to Max's parents house & had a pizza night in Brent's pizza oven. It was super fun! Here's his confetti cake:

Awesome FUN friends: Emily, Cassidi, Me

Boards review trip to California: Jodie, Sara Saba, Brooke, Me

SCARY Anesthesia Boards . . . PASSED!!!

The wonderful Jeanne & Brent :)

Crazy Dixie running around with all the dogs at Cosmo Dog Park

Doggy Park

Here's our dental hygiene class at our Gold Fundraiser we had in June, it was a success!!

Tyson was so sweet to come out and support me in our fundraiser, he's such a great brother and example to me!

Camping trip with the Dewitt family! This trip was so much fun, we camped up near forrest lakes, had super yummy food and lots of fun!

Hudson and his friend caught like 75 crawdads! We cooked them and ate them, tasted like crab!

Campin' & basking in the sun

Dixie LOVES to swim! (Cabin with Dewitt Fam)

Max crashed on his dirt bike.