Thursday, December 3, 2009


For Thanksgiving this year Max and I went out to his Parent's land out in Florence and it was so much fun! Brent and Jeanne have done so much out there to make it so homey and full of things to do all the time. Here's a picture of the new jeep they bought to cruise around in, we had a lot of fun in this thing!

Hudson and Max on Motorcycles, brotherly love :)
YAY Mckenna! She got to come home for Thanksgiving and we were missing her! It was so fun to spend some time with this fun girl and can't wait to see her again at Christmas!
Here's the new bar area with the big buffalo brent shot right above it. They've put it all in themselves and it is so awesome! Here are a few pictures of all the family that came and hung out:

You can't really see us but this was just a beautiful sunset we took a picture in front of.
Me, Mckenna and little Daisy

This is awesome, this is a tree stump that's grows out of a spring of water. So it's full of water all the time, and if you splash some out it will fill right back up within 30 seconds! Max took a 6 foot stick and stuck it down there, along with his long arm and couldn't feel anything but water! These are some funny goofy pix:

Beautiful Arizona Desert

Crossing the river... in the jeep :)

Run From the Sun!!

Since July of this year I've been working for Dr. Allen, who was the president of putting on this race of "Run From the Sun." The whole purpose of this event was to help raise money to cure skin cancer and the whole event turned out great! On Friday Nov. 13th we had an expo with many vendors and runner's coming to pick up their packets. Then on Saturday the 14th it was the big race! We ended up having 619 runners! It was a great success and so much fun!

Here's the awesome committee we had that put the whole thing on:
My WONDERFUL husband was the best supporter and helped out a ton.
Here are a few pictures of the event at Hohokam Stadium:

I have the BEST family who came and ran the Family Fun Run. It was a lot of fun and I appreciate their support! Below is a picture just after the starting line with my dad (waving), my mom in pink, and Ty and Court with cute Colter in the stroller. Love you guys!
There was a hilarious guy dancing all by himself all around the field to the music.
Here's our band that donated all their time to us!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

~Why I LOVE Him~

I'll tell you what, not many women in this world are as lucky/blessed as I am to have such a wonderful man of my dreams to be married to. Every single day Max does things that just make me feel so lucky. So I wanted to share 10 things about him that I LOVE:

1.  Max is always willing to help me (especially with dishes & house stuff) in order to lighten my load. 

2. He has a stunning smile and is such a handsome devil!!! I just love him.

3. Max is always trying to be different, I love it. It makes life fun and unique and nothing ever gets old with him.

4. Every night he kisses me goodnight.
4. He loves adventures, going out and doing things, and just having lots of fun!
5. Max is hilarious, anyone who knows him always has a smile when talking to anyone. When we cut our hair on our honeymoon even the lady cutting his hair was cracking up. 
6. Max cares about every single person around him, making sure he thinks about others before himself.

7. He loves his family, my family, and he shows it.

8. Max is the love of my life, and always makes sure I know I'm the love of his.  

9. Max has a great Testimony of the Gospel....this is us going to church on our honeymoon. 

10. Max is such a goof, and is always making me crack up and laugh!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Max is a HUGE lover of dirt bikes. He has been wanting one so bad since the day he got home from his mission. So we talked and talked about it and finally decided that we can both get one and go riding together! It will be such a great opportunity to go out and spend time making fun memories. Well Max and I had the BEST weekend together a few weekends ago. We had this idea to go up by Forrest Lakes and camp with both our bikes, Marley, a tent, his truck, and a dutch oven. We went from Thursday to Saturday and had a blast! I only fell a couple times learning to ride my bike, Marley hunted down some huge elk, coyotes and elk were near by making a ruckus every night, and some awesome dutch oven food (including peach cobler!) Here are some pictures of our great weekend:

Mine's on the right.

My handsome mexi-lover

Goofy guy trying to pose all sexy for the camera....or for me :)

WONDERFUL HUSBAND...taught me how to ride.

Trying to be macho woman

There he goes posing for me again :)

My mexican mustache man :) Gotta love it.

Marley LOVES fire and chased it for HOURS all weekend, its hilarious. 

Monday, August 31, 2009


Alright here are the bridal pictures from a couple weeks ago :) About this first one, our photographer was so awesome. She hid me behind a pole before Max saw me, then brought him out and turned him around. I snuck up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder and she got it all on camera, it was so fun! Other than that I just put some favorites on here so enjoy!!

Anything Max can do that's secretly embarrassing and funny he'll totally do it!!
He's such a goof.