Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is the black sand beach we went to called "Waipio Valley" it was way cool cuz the sand was totally black, it looked like real smashed up oreos. And it didn't even get ur clothes dirty at all. I learned how to skim board here it was fun!

So Hailey, my house mate, and I were sitting in the back of the truck making sandwiches and out of no where she goes, "OH A BIRD JUST SHIZZED ON ME!! IT'S WARM!!" hahaha we laughed so hard and took pictures real quick before she wiped it off. 


Haha this is my friend Justin and he ate it on his skim board!! It was fun takin pictures of these guys cuz I got lots of good ones, and lots of ones like this!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ok so this is my hospital adventure that I never want to have to go through again!! I had a kidney stone this past monday night that I roughed through and it passed but it hurt real bad; worst pain I've ever been in. People say that I know I can have babies now because that's how bad it gets! Luckily I have awesome house mates and they insisted on taking me to the hospital. I didn't want to go but after an hour of the horrible pain my friend's dad that's an anesthesiologist told us to go because it was something to do with kidneys. So we got there and they took two urine samples, took my blood, put an IV in, and took a cat scan. We waited for about two and a half hours and they finally came back with the results that I had passed a kidney stone and I have cysts on my ovaries. Luckily it's not a serious thing so they didn't have to do anything about it but I was glad to be home at 1am that morning with out that pain in my lower right back side!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is sweet, my friend Whit took a buncha pictures of crazy stuff like close-ups like this. And then went into photoshop and changed it up and created this CRAZY!!! Ya thats my eyeball!!

I took this on my sweet camera that I LOVE especially for Hawaii. I thought it was cute!!

Ok this one's for Mom cuz she wanted to see my hair color. I had my friend's mom thats done hair for 30 years do it and it turned out real good!! She cut off 2.5 inches and you cant see the ends but its pretty short!! I like it though, I think I'm gonna keep goin short, we'll see though.

HAHA here's a story for you. So this kid is TJ and he pretty much has a replicated copy of Colby's personality SERIOUSLY!! Its so funny he's just goofy and funny just like Colb is it makes me laugh so much. So we went to Hukilua Beach Saturday and TJ jumps ahead of everyone and grabs my boogie board and runs into the water. Within 20 seconds he comes out throwing the board on the ground and grumbling words under his breath, the wave TOTALLY took him out and slammed his face into the sand giving him a big bloody nose!!! He was so mad but he's such a happy person it just made us all laugh. And about 5 minutes later he reaches into his pocket and realized that his phone had been in his pocket the whole time....totally ruined!!! OOPS!!!

Yes i did do this, who knows why but i did. Haha so we had like 8 people over on Saturday night and were sitting around the table discussing how this is possible. Some people didn't believe me so sure enough we whip out the spaghetti noodles and I tried like 4 times and couldn't get it. So finally when everyone left I tried like 3 more times and got it!!! I posted a video of it on facebook and within 24 hours 17 people commented on it like "SICK!" and "EWW...ONLY YOU ALLIE" it was so awesome!!! :)  Scroll down to the bottom I put the video on here but can't bring it up, don't be too grossed out!!!

Ou basketball team is AMAZING this year. The first game they played New Zealand and absolutely dominated them 121 to 58. And every time the team scores over 100 points all the BYUH fans get a free ice cream cone, so we all did!!! It was so much fun! (yes i did take that picture)

This was so fun, for Halloween the Polynesian Cultural Center put on a Haunted Canoe ride through the river they have inside. It was SO scary and so good. We started with just kelsey and I in line and ended up with seriously like 30 of our friends in line with us. It was CrAzY!!

We were asked to do a musical number at a musical fireside so from left to right Kara played guitar, Jocelyn sang melody, Kelsey sang harmony, and I played my violin and it turned out really nice!!

PIZZA MAKING!!! Cooking with the roomies, that's Hailey on the left and Kathy and me. It was sad cuz Kathy just moved out all her stuff because she's getting married Friday!! We're gonna miss her lots. 

WE ARE CHEF'S!!! Home-made pizza...probably one of the best meals ever in college. It was so delicious we made a veggie one and a barbecue chicken one, they were the best pizza I've ever had. We should totally sell them!!

This amazing treat is called a Halo and you get it at Angel's Ice Cream Shop right by foodland (the grocery store) Yes it is about the size of a volleyball and yes we did eat the WHOLE thing. They put icecream in the bottom of this and top it off with sweet and condensed milk!! YUM!!

This picture is RAD, we went on a bike ride to Ted's Bakery and it was an adventure!! But as the sun was going down we stopped and took these and it just outlined our silhouettes it was cool!

This girly is one of my good friends, on the left, her name is Kami Strait from Colorado and she's amazing at soccer!!! BYU Hawaii just won the Conference this past week so they're flying to Washington and might be there for two weeks depending on how well they do it's so fun!!

Ok so you all know how dumb I am at singing and I have this weird fear of singing in front of people. My friend had a 'Lady's Night Open Mic' so any GIRLS can go up and sing whatever, so my roomie kelsey and I did 'I Can Only Imagine' and it was super fun...until they did an oncor and I sang one BY MYSELF!!! So scary but so fun, I did Jack Johnson's 'Wrong Turn' It was a fun fun night!!

Enjoy :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

I LOVE HAWAII!!! So the only thing that could really make it better here (besides Max of course) is the company of my family! And this past week Mom & Dad & Lacey came out to visit me and we had a blast!!! We ate tons and tons of food as usual on vacation and did lots of fun stuff. Too bad the rain was bad here this week otherwise we could have gotten more stuff in but it was still a blast! Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to play with me and allowing me this life-changing experience of college in Hawaii, i really appreciate it. LOVE YOU!!!

This is the famous "Shrimp Shack," there's like 5 different ones but this one is the best. It's called Giovannie's. We only came here only once believe it or not but it was amazing shrimp!

Mom & Lace at the Shrimp Shack

If you take a close look at lacey's arm it might looked nastily diseased, but really she got about 32 mosquito bites on ONE ARM!! They left a window open one night that didn't have a screen on it....oops!! So the lady that rents out the house was like "AAHHHH I"M SO SORRY" she went right away to get some bug bombs to kill them all. It was crazy!!

Her lumpy elbow.

Going on an adventure here...read on!!

I took them through this little trail and it lead to this huge tree. This is the "Lost" tree, where the TV series "Lost" was filmed. Pretty cool!!!

So if you follow this trail back for a little bit it takes you somewhere AWESOME!!! You recognize it??

Here's the beach that the TV series "Lost" was/is filmed. Its so pretty over here and it's kinda hidden, you gotta walk to it but its awesome!! One time I touched a sea turtle here it was rad.

There are these hanging vines from the trees that are fun to play around on. You can swing from them so I was pushing Lacey around. You shoulda seen mom trying too it was good. 

Ok this is the tree from "Lost" that is famous and its gynormous!! Fun though!!

Cabela Bay is what it's called, this is so awesome!!! 

Pretty picture still at Cabela Bay!! Its cool cuz you gotta walk through this over thing of bush to get to the beach area. 

These little guys are everywhere on the sidewalks, they are snails for those of you who don't know. They're nasty and so are the slugs that are everywhere!!

Apparently dad has some problem with the sun on the back of his knees, he got some gnarly sunburns back there! Kinda like his feet they do the same thing when they see the sun. haha

Took this at the beach across from my house this week, its beautiful!!

Here we are sitting at my house, that surf board in the background is what this local kid gave our house for free!!! Dad looks like he's a little handicap (wink wink) and all of us got burned that day!!

Here's mother at Ted's Bakery, the most delicious place ever. We ate here about 6 times while they visited and it's amazing. Things like crab & bacon sandwhich, shrimp sandwich with guava butter sauce, Chocolate Haupia (coconut) pie, and Coconut danish!!! SO YUMMY!!

Here's silly Dad at Ted's Bakery picking his nose and eating it. 

And Lacey at Ted's Bakery (for the 8th visit)

These two could never switch over on Hawaii time, still on AZ time!! So when they passed out asleep mom & I would just stay up and play games...checkers that she killed me at!!!

Dad's favorite car to ride in!! haha here's the rental car, you know how much dad loves little cars. It was funny. 

Here's the vacation rental house they stayed in. The upstairs left section of the house was there's and it turned out to be real nice, minus the mosquito problem!!

This was an adventure to capture a picture of the fam without the wind blowing our hair straight back so we look bald, or all forward so it looks like we just got shocked. We finally got one Saturday morning before they left to the airport and just before we got our last acai bowl of the trip. My house mate Kelsey is so awesome, she came along with us and took a bunch for us. 

Ok while they were visiting we went to the ACAI BOWL place about 23 times, not even joking!!! They are so incredibly good!!! My favorite was when dad ordered one and said he wanted double of all the toppings and the lady was like, "Extra Everything??" and he's like YEP!! haha thats the best was to do it!!

Ok so one night after the fam left, when like 15 people were over I somehow talked everyone into playing the game "Measuring For Coffins" so we got every single one of them!!! HAHA it was so perfect and i laughed my head off, most people laughed it off but a few thought it was dumb. SO FUNNY!! We even got to the point of putting in the water first, then dumbing it. Oh you shoulda seen the reactions!! ha look at that guys pants!!

HAHA This one was bad, it made me laugh so hard I LOVE IT!!

Monday, September 29, 2008


ME AND MY BIKE!!! I love this thing it gets me around everywhere to foodland and school and FUN! Notice the cute basket and I also have a horn on it too. When i'm riding it around and people are in the way I give it a little toot toot and they turn around laughing. I just smile and say SORRY!! Its pretty fun!

HUKILAU BEACH!! I'm on the phone talking to mom in this picture but that was a good fun day!!

K you can't see it very well but I got destroyed by blue bubbles and got stung like 7 times!! It hurt so bad and it ached in my lymphnodes in my armpits cuz supposedly thats where it filters out. It goes away after like 8-10 hours or so but its not pleasant. 

This was awesome, k our friend in the middle is named Mike and he got baptized a few saturdays ago in the ocean!! There's a beach right in front of the temple called "Temple Beach" where they do all the baptisms in Laie it was so cool to see!

This is my favorite beach to surf at cuz the waves are still big but not too powerful. Its where you can learn the best and i love it!! It's called "Castles"

If you ever come visit me, we must go to this place cuz they have the best shaved ice in the whole world!

BEST shaved ice ever!! In the bottom there's ice cream & lots of flavor! It makes a big mess but its so yummy and worth it!!

This goofy canadian was with us when we all caught frogs, unfortunately its the only frog picture i took but thats our frog box!! We caught like 30 frogs and put them in our friends bath tub!!! SO FUNNY!! After we did it we sat outside and heard OH MY GOSH!!! I almost peed my pants!!

Fun girlies, left to right is kara jenny becky and kelly!

Kelly Ingold and I, this girl is SO much fun i love her. 

This is the beach RIGHT across from my house, you pronounce it like this WHO-KEY-L-OU i love it!

K so they got us back for the frogs by stealing ALL our light bulbs in the house, we only had to go one night in the dark but it was pretty funny!

This HUGE jelly fish we found in the water right across from my house!! If this thing stung someone they'd go to the hospital!!! CRAZY!!