Monday, July 19, 2010

The Klinglers~

The other night some of our good friends in our new ward the Klingler's came over and brought canvas painting with them! So we had tons of fun painting our little decorations together and it was great! Here's some pics:

Of course Max had to do something 'different' and pretend he was carrying a boom-box on his shoulder, it turned out pretty cool though!

Marcus & Cassidi, they're so much fun! THANK U!!!
PS-the prank war is ON!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Forrest Lakes Campin' Trip!

Last weekend Max and I thought we'd go up to the rim and camp out together! So we did and we brought along a dear friend of ours; Marley. He's such a loyal, smart, and awesome dog to Max. He's a long of fun and protected us out there!
Here's Max & Marley just playin' around by their favorite camping vehicle.
Oh the love :)

This is really funny! We found some animals for Marley to chase and I caught a picture of him as he was running back towards us, did he have fun or what?! He's got a big huge grin on his face as he's hopping along through the forrest, haha.

These are two beautiful mustangs we found out there, they were afraid of us (probably because Marley thought he could take them down and was chasing them) but I got a few neat pictures of them. They're very pretty animals aren't they?
And here's our loyal Marley chasing away all the cattle, doing what he does best; herding.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Corn-Dog DIXIE:

This doggy is pretty much CrAzY. Ya she totally is. But at the same time she is SUPER duper cute and so much fun. As you can see below she is a corn-dog, she LOVES corn on the cob. And she's willing to jump for it:

We love this little girl. Even though she sometimes leaves presents for us around the house, and even on her grandpa dewitt's bed, we still love her!

The Race Track.,

Ok A few months ago (i know this is a VERY late post), Max & I went with my brother Zach & his kids to the Super-Moto track and it was COOL! I honestly didn't know how much I would like it but it turned out to be pretty fun to watch. I put a few pictures of them on the track up here & I couldn't resist putting those cute kids up too because some pictures I took turned out adorable!
Here's a sweet picture of Max:
Precious little Leah:
Cute Kyler
Zach tearin' it up:
Ok I couldn't resist these DARLING kiddos, this picture is SO perfect of them. I love these kids!
Kyler, Shayla, Leah
Here's Max zooming around a corner: (kinda scary but cool i guess)
This picture is SWEET of Zach goin around the corner, these guys are intense!
Just getting ready to head out onto the track:
I thought this picture was pretty cool with the clouds back there, this one is Maxi:
Fun Fun day! Thanks Zach!!!