Monday, July 19, 2010

The Klinglers~

The other night some of our good friends in our new ward the Klingler's came over and brought canvas painting with them! So we had tons of fun painting our little decorations together and it was great! Here's some pics:

Of course Max had to do something 'different' and pretend he was carrying a boom-box on his shoulder, it turned out pretty cool though!

Marcus & Cassidi, they're so much fun! THANK U!!!
PS-the prank war is ON!!


Jason and Melissa Miller said...

I know Marcus! He rocks! We went on a few dates way back when. He does Iron Man, when ever it comes about. Did he ever paint his garage wall? He always wanted to do a huge painting on his wall of nature or something like that?
What a fun Date idea to bring in painting supplies and have at it! I love the boom box!

Jacque said...

Cassidi is my bestest friend :) Small world!