Monday, July 12, 2010

Forrest Lakes Campin' Trip!

Last weekend Max and I thought we'd go up to the rim and camp out together! So we did and we brought along a dear friend of ours; Marley. He's such a loyal, smart, and awesome dog to Max. He's a long of fun and protected us out there!
Here's Max & Marley just playin' around by their favorite camping vehicle.
Oh the love :)

This is really funny! We found some animals for Marley to chase and I caught a picture of him as he was running back towards us, did he have fun or what?! He's got a big huge grin on his face as he's hopping along through the forrest, haha.

These are two beautiful mustangs we found out there, they were afraid of us (probably because Marley thought he could take them down and was chasing them) but I got a few neat pictures of them. They're very pretty animals aren't they?
And here's our loyal Marley chasing away all the cattle, doing what he does best; herding.


Jamie Bullock said...

you two are so cute!! looks like you have too much fun together! love it

Jake and Kalli said...

you guys are so cute! We need to hang out soon!!