Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My second home . . . the LAKE!!

ROOSEVELT LAKE!!! I love being at the lake I feel like I could stay there forever because its so relaxing! In July we went up with Marcus & Cassidy Klingler, then met up with my family on Friday. The whole weekend was a blast, not only because I had a week off of school, but because the water was GLASS and it was just a lot of fun. Here are some pix:
Double surfing . . . I jumped on his back thinking we would fall, and he totally held us up!

Ok I know this looks awfully weird, but I used to do this when I was little. You just strap on as many life-vests you can and you float really high! Try it next time, you'll see how much fun it is!

When the Klinglers were there with us there were black clouds surrounding us so we decided to get off the lake, right as we did sure enough is started raining. And within minutes it was totally poaring like crazy! We were trying to cook and everything was getting wet to we ended up inside the truck eating tacos, passing around all the food, it was so wild be such a memory!

After the rain storm

We got a little bored and tried hitting this little flower on a cactus with rocks. We ended up doing this for like an hour and finally Max got it, what a day.
Yes there were plenty of dear on the camp grounds . . . random.
Cassidy wakeboarding!!
Max & Marcus duking it out.
Maxi doin his thing.
Yes I know I have the coolest dad ever! Just cuz he's getting older doesn't stop him from rippin it up out there on the wakeboard!
My brother Tyson and his beautiful, awesome family! Courtney & Colter.
My mom is the best skier around town, she kills it!
Tyson & I double surfing . . . its harder than it looks!! I drank so much water!

T-Shirt Quilt . . . Finally done!

Ok I started this T-shirt quilt of mine over 2 years ago, then went to school at BYU-Hawaii, came back to see some silly man that I love, then got married (happy day), started school, yada-yada-yada, and FINALLY I finished it!! I just LOVE it cuz it brings all my memories of life and things I've done together and just sums it all up. I strongly suggest making one if you never have its FUN!!!


Over a month ago I turned 21 . . . finally!! :) Not really, its funny cuz 21 doesn't really mean much for the Mormon community, but I had a WONDERFUL day thanks to Maxi and our families!
Max took me to breakfast at Denny's where I got a FREE GRAND SLAM!!! Then we went bowling with a big group of friends, and ended the night with a delicious dinner at my most favorite delicious place Famous Daves. THANKS FOR THAT MOM & DAD!!

Here are some pix of the families at dinner:
Goofy Ty & his great wife Courtney
HAPPY ZACH, Mom, Dad, Jeanne & Brent
Shane in pain, Kylie & cutie Jaycie
Kenna & I
Brotherly-in-law love . . . don't worry it was just a joke.

MY LOVE & I . . . thanks for all you do Max I love ya!!
For my birthday I was given some great things!!! My parents got me an amazing sewing machine that I love! My wonderful in-laws got me a barbecue for our backyard & a cute swinging chair too (THANK U!!!) And my husband got me a new backpack for school, some very fabulous sunglasses, and a wonderful day!!!
Our friends kicking our butts at bowling!

Us trying to look mean . . . his socks really help huh.

Monday, August 9, 2010

~Pure Glitz~

Ok so I started this Jewelry thing a while ago and just love making it! If you like the two necklaces below you should check out my Pure Glitz Jewelry blog at this link:

Let me know what you think!