Saturday, January 16, 2010


On Halloween weekend we were up in Springerville staying at a friend's cabin, when we came across our very first official pet. She is so soft and cute and we loved her! Atleast for a little bit.

Max givin some love to our furry friend.

We really didn't mind having Punkin around. It was fun to let her in the house every once in a while and watching her run around. Surprisingly she only pooped like 15 times inside, but outside she pooped like a MAINYACK!! The first week we had her we only had veggies to feed her, and she wasn't pooping very much at all. So we got her some rabbit food and came home to this mess! (above) She pooped and peed ALL over max's brown shoes inside & out. It was quite gross.
We had to put this white pipe against the wall there on our porch to block the holes so she couldn't escape!

Precious Punkin'

Sad to say, we had to let her go at Max's house to run around with the other bunnies because she chewed up my computer cord, and pooped WAY too much. We'll always remember our precious little punkin'.

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