Saturday, January 16, 2010


FIRST MARRIED CHRISTMAS!!! It was the best Christmas with my lover yet! We were very creative this year with what to get eachother because we're a poor married couple. It made it better though, Max got me a sweet helmet to go riding in, a NINTENDO 64 and we love it! We got sleeping bags, awesome shirts, bikes that are way cool, and some other fun things!
Picture of my cute helmet.

Max all excited when he was opening his new nixon wallet!

I have the most wonderful husband! He gave me coupons like this one for different things he would do for me. I love him.

Handsome boy!


Our 2 stockings, plain but just perfect!

My parents got my us all bikes and we thought that was the best idea! We love riding them around and really enjoy them, thank you mom and dad!

The cute Dewitt kids, we love Mckenna and Hudson. You two are awesome and so much fun. Love you both!

Max's parents got us some sweet sleeping bags that we love! They actually zip together! Thank you so much, we love you guys!

Christmas Day ~ 2009

Bum to Bum

Hip to Hip....forever!


Kelsey said...

It looks like you just spent the entire day blogging!! haha I loved reading these though so that I finally know a little bit of what is going on in your married life! I love and miss ya girl. Call me when you're not busy sometime so we can chat because a lot has changed in my life and there's not much time left and I'm freaking out if ya know what I mean. :)

Caitlin said...

can i just say....I STINKING MISS YOUR FACE!! you are so gorgeous Al, seriously. aaaand i want Max's shirt. the end.

Mike and Deb said...

what a great first Christmas together!! You two are so cute!!! Cherish these times, even being poor, I just think it adds character to our lives when we have to be more creative. Maddy sure loves you Allie, thanks for being such a great teacher to her.

Willi Nixon said...

al it looks like you had such a fun christmas! i miss you so much you and maxi are the greatest

Tyson and Courtney said...

You guys are seriously so cute together! I love Max's coupons, your first Christmas together will always be such a happy memory! Love you guys!

Sarah said...

Cute christmas!! :) I still make fun of blake for spoiling the sleeping bag surprise for you. Hahah! What a nerrrd.

Our Family Tree said...

Okay! I've officially caught myself up on your cute, cute blog from Hawaii till now. You guys are too fun! I love when you had long hair and it was all wavy. How'd you do that? I wanna learn! I also didn't know you play guitar. Me too!

JMay said...

You & your hubby are such a gorgeous couple!