Saturday, January 16, 2010

Halloween Weekend!!

Our first Halloween weekend as a married couple was FUN FUN! First we got invited to go to a barbecue/party with my work. When Max heard it was free ribs he was there in a heart beat! It was super fun with lots of decorations and food. This picture is from that night:

After that we left to drive to Springerville AZ to stay at Jesse's cabin with some couples. Since it was Halloween weekend we both got matching pumpkin shirts, unfortunately I was not in this picture. We forgot to take one of both of us :( But here's my model husband showing off his cute shirt.

Here's Jesse's amazing cabin! His parents basically live up there now and were SO good to all of us making food all the time, and letting us have a great time!

We got to go shooting and riding quite a bit up here too. Max green truck is awesome isn't it!

I was so cold I wore my snowboard jacket around up there.

We went to church with everyone and got all dressed up for it. As you can see Max is sporting the old-fashioned collared vest, which he wore proudly.

On the drive home we stopped to take some cool pix with a nice Arizona background.

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