Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Ok this whole post is from our trip to Kona, the Big Island. It was such a FUN trip!!! We went from thursday morning to Sunday morning with 11 of us. There were SO many funny hilarious moments and we did so many fun things!! The pictures are all out of order so you'll have to go through and read them but they're a lot of fun! This picture below is a picture of the front view of the house we were staying in, it was awesome!! ENJOY!!!

These are some gnarly waves at the beach in Kona that were huge and fun!!

This was an AWESOME part of Kona, we drove in the Uhaul for about 2 hours and then walked across a field for like 2.5 miles to this Green Sand Beach. The green sand even sparkled!! I got burried in it too it was great. 

This is a giant blow hole that brave people jump into...unfortunately I was not one of these people, but the next one I was!!!

This is a cliff some of us jumped off of, it looks like it falls off the edge of the earth. It was about 35 feet up and YES I did it. It was crazy because after we jumped there was a big rusted latter that swung in the wind that you had to climb up to get back up. And when we went home after this the people whose house we were staying at told us they've been over there a couple times when sharks were down there swimming so they didn't jump! CRAZY!!

Here's the few from above it's an awesome view!!

Pretty Kona Temple:


In their back yard they had some apple-banana trees that we got to go pick them from whenever they were delicious!!!

Someone snagged this GROSS picture of me here, I was head-butting the soccerball back into the Uhaul truck and somehow my friend Robin got the perfect picture of it....ARG!!!

Shad HUGE armpit and my playing the Ukulele on the hammock, such a relaxing trip!!!

Here are a couple pictures of the house we stayed in. It was super nice and the family that let us stay there are very nice people and were so generous in letting us stay there. It was great!

Yes that is me in the middle dominating at head stands!!! Haha i beat everyone until someone decided to cheat and throw sand at my butt...so Zach barely beat me but it was cheap!!

Here is a tunnel cave thing that goes on forever that we walked through. They form from volcanoes and lava that explode....long time ago!

This is all of us walking through a tunnel cave thing that was formed from the volcanoes many years ago. Shad (in the yellow) was throwing big boulders and I decided to try and beat him....not a good idea. I picked a huge one up and slice up both thumbs and was bleeding everywhere it was great :(

ON OUR WAY!!! We all had super early flight that morning, some of us departed at 5:55 AM and some departed at 7 AM, but we all road together so it was a morning full of airport waiting. It was a lot of fun, this is Shad and Kelsey smiling for the camera.

KONA ARRIVAL!!! This is when we all finally met up at the airport there, we were so excited and Shad's big hand is totally in the way that nub!

Here we are right after we left the airport at the Uhaul place trying to decide what we want to rent for the weekend. To rent a Uhaul it was a flat fee for the weekend and then charged a certain amount per mile. That compared to two rental cars for the weekend was much cheaper! It ended up being about $28 bucks a person so it was great! We all just loaded up in the back of a uhaul while Shad was up front driving, slamming on the breaks as much as possible, and driving on the continuous bumps along the side of the road to make it as load as possible in the back! It was pretty funny with us all flying around in the back there. One time I was sitting towards the front of the Uhaul and Zach (one of our friends) was sitting on the cooler. Shad thought it would be hilarious to hit the breaks again so Zach goes flying and lands right on me, I caught him....haha it was pretty funny. 

This is the backyard of the house we stayed at, the hammock is amazing and the grass totally looks fake but it's not!!

Here's the beach went to for a while, awesome skim boarding and lots of sun!!!

Playin at the beach: someone sculpted Shad's body on Kimmaree's head....pretty close eh?

Back of the Uhaul...on our way to the temple some lady pulls up right behind us and pulls out a camera. She rolls down her window and asks, "Are you guys goin to prom," we were like, "Um NO we're not goin to prom!" haha it was pretty funny.

The Kona Temple

Here we all are at the Kona temple, we got to do baptisms for the dead and it was awesome!!!

These are the guys....they're so fun!! Shad wants me to say he's the best :) From left to right it goes Evan, Ryan, Beau, Shad, and Zach. 

Thanks to our great guy friends we had the opportunity to go to the Kona temple and do baptisms for the dead. Between 11 of us we did 400+ names! It was so fun, from left to right its Robin, Kimmaree, Allie, Hailey, Janelle, and Kelsey. Love these girls!!

These are the biggest snowcones ever!!  We shared this huge thing with 4 girls, with icecream in the bottom, and sweet and condensed milk ontop....SO YUM!!!


Tyson and Courtney said...

What a fun trip! I love that you guys rode in the back of a U-haul and looked like you were going to Prom! Is it customary to go to Prom in a Uhaul in Hawaii or something? Forget limos when you can just rent a Uhaul! Haha That's so cool you guys did 400 names! We can't wait to see you in a couple weeks! Colt misses his Aunts!

Joslyn Marie said...

allie! you are adorable. it looks like youre having so much fuuuun. i miss you when do you come home? i move to utah at the end of may i wanna see you soon!
<3 jos