Monday, March 23, 2009


GROSS!!! Yes these are our little nasty digusting freakin bed bugs that are infested inside all 3 of our mattresses. Hailey my roomie was sleeping and saw a bunch of speckles of our surprise they were not dirt specks...they were all BED BUGS!!! So she screams and i go in there and we pull off all of our sheets and everything and find these patches of them! There were hundreds of them! So we finally found where our blood spots on our pillows and sheets have been coming from, SO GROSS!! 
Now all three of us have been sleeping on the hard wood floor next to the kitchen the last couple night, and i'm thinking thats where we will be for the rest of the semester because our landlord won't do much about it. We are all grossed out!


Estee Cook said...

oh allie. you should watch the videos about these things. i experienced them this summer.
ew ew.
i'm feeling sick just thinking about it.
i love you.
see you in a month and some change!

Joslyn Marie said...

ew thats gross! thats where they get the saying.. don't let the bed bugs bite.. and if they do get a shoe and hit em tell they're black & blue! ahhaha! i missss youuuu

Colby and Samantha said...

nasty! Colby said that if your manager won't do anything about it you should go to the housing office and complain because if they don't provide you with a good mattress that does not meet approved housing standards. we miss you, see you in April!