Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Let's just say my mother was a BIT worried about the BEDBUGS!! The night I got home from hawaii (let me remind you I didn't get home until about one in the morning) my mom insisted to lay out EVERYTHING I brought home so we could fumigate it. The next couple of days was constant laundry laundry laundry! But I guess it's worth it. She even brought out a towel into the garage and says, "Here strip down." I was like, "Mom are you serious?" And yes she was serious...I had to take off the very clothing I was wearing before I could go inside the house. Oh how mothers take care of things :) I love her. 

Oh my....all the things I brought home :)  Three pieces of luggage, one duffle bag carry-on, a big purse, and a backpack of my guitar and ukulele later I finally got it all home!!!


m. estelle said...

oh goshhhh. i love her. and you. i am so happy that you're home...that we're home together!
i can't wait to play with you this summer, allie!!!!


Kelsey said...

Girl I'm so sad that you're gone! Seeing all of your luggage makes me sad and Hawaii just isn't gonna be the same without you... Way cute background though! Can't wait till you come to UTAH!!! :)

Willi Nixon said...

haha i love you mommy :) allie i cant wait to come play with you!

Josie Thompson said...

ALLIE!!! I love you sooo much!! I better see you this summer!!

Stephanie said...

allie!!! add me, its steph mills.

Monica said...

I was on Joslyns blog and stumbled on yours! Welcome home!!! Joslyn had so much fun at the Lake! I miss you and your mom! I love the post of your mom making you strip. All mom's are alike! I love your mom, tell her hi!