Friday, June 5, 2009

Trip To UTAH~

This past weekend I had SUCH a fun time in Utah visiting my AWESOME roommates from BYU-Hawaii. These two girls made my Hawaii experience the time of my life. I'm SO grateful for them and what they've taught me. And the amazing hawaii experiences, laughs, and fun times we had. I love Kels and Hailey!!! 

The Beautiful Oquirrh Mountain Temple, just dedicated this past week. 

This is Hailey girl from South Jordan, love her tons!!

This is Kel from West Jordan, love her tons too!! LOOK at those LIPS!! Ooh la la

Kels and I at her house....oh and jasmine 14 :)


Kelsey said...

I never knew you posted about this! I just read it today. haha Jasmine 14... You dork. Hope all the wedding plans are going great! Call me sometime! Love ya girl

dyana said...

Its really a best days forever i guess.....
thanks for sharin with us......


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