Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Over a month ago I turned 21 . . . finally!! :) Not really, its funny cuz 21 doesn't really mean much for the Mormon community, but I had a WONDERFUL day thanks to Maxi and our families!
Max took me to breakfast at Denny's where I got a FREE GRAND SLAM!!! Then we went bowling with a big group of friends, and ended the night with a delicious dinner at my most favorite delicious place Famous Daves. THANKS FOR THAT MOM & DAD!!

Here are some pix of the families at dinner:
Goofy Ty & his great wife Courtney
HAPPY ZACH, Mom, Dad, Jeanne & Brent
Shane in pain, Kylie & cutie Jaycie
Kenna & I
Brotherly-in-law love . . . don't worry it was just a joke.

MY LOVE & I . . . thanks for all you do Max I love ya!!
For my birthday I was given some great things!!! My parents got me an amazing sewing machine that I love! My wonderful in-laws got me a barbecue for our backyard & a cute swinging chair too (THANK U!!!) And my husband got me a new backpack for school, some very fabulous sunglasses, and a wonderful day!!!
Our friends kicking our butts at bowling!

Us trying to look mean . . . his socks really help huh.

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