Thursday, October 29, 2009


Max is a HUGE lover of dirt bikes. He has been wanting one so bad since the day he got home from his mission. So we talked and talked about it and finally decided that we can both get one and go riding together! It will be such a great opportunity to go out and spend time making fun memories. Well Max and I had the BEST weekend together a few weekends ago. We had this idea to go up by Forrest Lakes and camp with both our bikes, Marley, a tent, his truck, and a dutch oven. We went from Thursday to Saturday and had a blast! I only fell a couple times learning to ride my bike, Marley hunted down some huge elk, coyotes and elk were near by making a ruckus every night, and some awesome dutch oven food (including peach cobler!) Here are some pictures of our great weekend:

Mine's on the right.

My handsome mexi-lover

Goofy guy trying to pose all sexy for the camera....or for me :)

WONDERFUL HUSBAND...taught me how to ride.

Trying to be macho woman

There he goes posing for me again :)

My mexican mustache man :) Gotta love it.

Marley LOVES fire and chased it for HOURS all weekend, its hilarious. 


Chris and Abby said...

What a fun weekend! It looks like you two are enjoying the married life.. it's the Nice Mexi mustache Max! too funny. Fun to see you guys both got new bikes.. sounds like a blast. Hope life is going well... We need to catch up!!!

Shane and Kylie said...

Looks like TONS of fun! It makes me want to go camping. Maybe one of these weekends we could all go together?? Love you both!