Thursday, December 3, 2009


For Thanksgiving this year Max and I went out to his Parent's land out in Florence and it was so much fun! Brent and Jeanne have done so much out there to make it so homey and full of things to do all the time. Here's a picture of the new jeep they bought to cruise around in, we had a lot of fun in this thing!

Hudson and Max on Motorcycles, brotherly love :)
YAY Mckenna! She got to come home for Thanksgiving and we were missing her! It was so fun to spend some time with this fun girl and can't wait to see her again at Christmas!
Here's the new bar area with the big buffalo brent shot right above it. They've put it all in themselves and it is so awesome! Here are a few pictures of all the family that came and hung out:

You can't really see us but this was just a beautiful sunset we took a picture in front of.
Me, Mckenna and little Daisy

This is awesome, this is a tree stump that's grows out of a spring of water. So it's full of water all the time, and if you splash some out it will fill right back up within 30 seconds! Max took a 6 foot stick and stuck it down there, along with his long arm and couldn't feel anything but water! These are some funny goofy pix:

Beautiful Arizona Desert

Crossing the river... in the jeep :)


m. estelle said...

me. you. christmas.

Jake and Kalli said...

Allie! I'm so excited i found your blog!! We need to hang out real soon.. and i love your short hair by the way..