Monday, March 14, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was so much fun! Max and I woke up early and opened our presents. Don't worry Dixi did too :) Here's a few our little family's second married Christmas! Max got a very manly and farm-man looking plaid Wrangler Jacket, & he looks manly in it! Love it!
Dixi got a massive, I guess you could say "life size" bone. The interesting thing is that the flavor was supposed to be peanut butter, but when she started chewing on it the smell was very similar to very rotten stinky feet . . . never buying peanut butter flavor again.
Let's see, Max got me a few fun things. Work-out clothes, ear phones, sewing box & some awesome sewing scissors (Gingher).

Max looks like one of those men on that game "Guess Who" and you ask 'Does your person have facial hair?' (yes lots) and 'Does your person wear glasses?' (also yes) haha
Our sad but full of holiday cheer Christmas Tree. It was so fun to decorate and have in our house. We actually weren't going to have one but Ty and Courtney had this extra one that we are borrowing, so thank you!

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