Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cleaning Colter's Teeth

My wonderful sister-n-law Courtney saved me when I had a patient no-show at school. We are required to have someone in our chair to get credit for the day and she hurried in with cute Colter and save me! He did SO good, at first he was very hesitant and didn't want me to touch his mouth at all. But once we took 2 x-rays and pretended the film was like a 'cookie' he relaxed a bit. He did not want to let go of our monkey friend so thats how we got to get inside his mouth. We also had him chew disclosing tablets that turned his mouth pink. Colter does NOT like dirty things so I told him I would clean the bugs off his teeth and get the pink off. Courtney and I had fun bribing him and convincing him that I wouldn't hurt him :) haha what a fun day, thanks again Court!


Willi Nixon said...

how fun! is that your clinic at school??

Kelly and Shaun said...

hey! how is life going? Looks like married life and everything are going well! Are you liking dental hygiene school? Haven't talked to you in forever, hope to catch up soon!!
-kelly (ingold) nelson

Tawny Antelman said...

Allie, I love your new blog layout and the header picture of you and max!!! You guys are adorable together.:) just now read up on all your fun post!! Hope you and max are doing awesome, tell him hi for me.