Saturday, May 22, 2010


I LOVE surprises, they just make me happy! So I had to plan something fun to do for Max on his 22nd birthday and I totally surprised him!! This picture below is not the big surprise but I got him a case of Mountain Dew because he loves it. Not surprisingly all his sodas were gone within like a week! haha I love this boy:

This is the surprise. I called our friend to see if they'd wanna take us on a helicopter ride for Max's birthday, and they so willingly did!! I have never been in a helicopter before and it was so fun, very small but such an experience!!

Pretty picture of Saguaro Lake:

It's crazy how much the helicopter moves when the wind blows. It swung us around quite a bit and was kinda freaky, but was still fun! Here's my birthday boy & I.

Here are some awesome pictures of our beautiful Arizona desert! If you don't agree you need to do this!!


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