Monday, March 23, 2009


GROSS!!! Yes these are our little nasty digusting freakin bed bugs that are infested inside all 3 of our mattresses. Hailey my roomie was sleeping and saw a bunch of speckles of our surprise they were not dirt specks...they were all BED BUGS!!! So she screams and i go in there and we pull off all of our sheets and everything and find these patches of them! There were hundreds of them! So we finally found where our blood spots on our pillows and sheets have been coming from, SO GROSS!! 
Now all three of us have been sleeping on the hard wood floor next to the kitchen the last couple night, and i'm thinking thats where we will be for the rest of the semester because our landlord won't do much about it. We are all grossed out!

Friday, March 20, 2009

PARTY!!! haha this was our night of mooning people...:)
No it was really our night of Birthday dinners for my roomies Kelsey and Hailey, it was a fun fun night!

At Haliewa Eats...the best Thai food ever!! Fun group of friends!!

Here's my little problem car....her name is Sady

The front of the car was a little accident, I didn't hit anything I just rolled into something. haha

None of these ugly bumper stickers were put on by me i promise! And the missing bumper wasn't me either but it gives her a little more personalilty!!!