Sunday, August 24, 2008


These are my FUN AWESOME friends, from left to right its Me Kelly Kara Marie. We have lots of laughs and funny times together. They live in the same house but the front section of it so I see them a lot.

This is the picture of the bike that I used to put on craigslist for free!!! It actually was a hilarious prank that I played on two of my friends. One kid went to the temple one morning and came out with 24 missed calls and 17 new voicemails from people who wanted it!! haha

This is the funniest thing that has happened yet, and yes i peed my pants when it happened. So me and my 4 friends were walking home and catching frogs when these two guy friends of ours offered to take us home cuz they live next door. Of course we say YES and I tell my friend Marie to grab a frog to put in their car. She pretends to "look for her necklace" and finds one and sticks it inside her purse. We get in the car and she pulls it out and puts it on Bobby's shoulder, he screams and freaks out and the frog jumps down by the AC vent. The other guy Denis almost jumps out the window and gets outa the car. They both screamed like little girls and yes these are actual pictures from this ridiculous event. SO HILARIOUS!!!

The frog chilling in the car....the boys still wouldn't touch it!!

Ok right here is my home, and i love it. Its called the "Bridgehouse" and is the NICEST girl's off-campus housing. I'm unit A which is in the back and upstairs. My window is up & to the right and I have an ocean view!! I also was lucky enough to get a private room, thanks to mom and dad, and I love all my roommates its way fun!!
Mom & I outside our favorite and most delicious bakery ever!!

This is right out front of the school, its the modo and I love it!

The very front of BYU Hawaii, i'll get another one with the flags in it next time!

This is the Laie, Hawaii temple that I get to ride my back past every single day for school. It's so awesome and beautiful isn't it?! I just love it.

Another pretty picture of the temple!!
Took this picture of a gorgeous flower on the bushes at the temple!!


Yes this is real, I took it on my camera standing outside our hotel. SO PRETTY!!!

We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center on one of the days and it was awesome. We went around to each 30 minute show where each island did their own cultural dance and music. There were 7 of them, I wanted to work here and be a dancer girl too but I'm white and they only want brown people.

This is the canoe show during the day at the PCC, each island was on a different canoe and they'd do their dance according to the culture. It was fun to watch!

Mom made sure she sat in her special section every time we went to a show. Haha no just kidding, its because we pushed grandma around in her wheelchair everywhere so we got the front row seats and right to the front of the lines it was pretty sweet!! Mom and I would push grandma so fast and launch her off ramps in that thing it was rad.

No joke 95% of the people at the PCC were some form of asian, korean, chinese, japanese, vietnamese, etc. Take a look for yourself.


               Shake it! Shake it! Shake it!

Our trip to the dole plantation! You can't come to Oahu without stopping here. They have the best most fabulous pineapple icecream ever!!

Us three generations on the little yellow train that took us all around the dole plantation. It was fun cuz it told us all about growing pineapples, it takes 15-20 months to grow one!!!

That's just me playing the ukulele, obviously being over here in Hawaii I've been eating a little too much. The fruit is just way too good!

This is mom hula dancing & trying to burn some calories. She too ate a little too much pineapple. 

We drove into town to go see the Pearl Harbor sites, it did take us about 2 hours to find it when normally if we were remotely good at directions it should take about 45 minutes! But we finally found it and made it before the very last fairy boat went out to the memorial site.
This is the memorial for USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. They said 1,177 men died when it sunk. I dunno why it had to be Arizona though, I love Arizona!

Relatives??? Probably not.
This was way cool because the memorial site was a dock that we had to take a boat to get to. It was a white room thing that was standing over the original USS Arizona that sunk. So This picture is the actual boat that sunk in WWII.

These are all the names of the men who died. It was actually a pretty spiritual experience, everyone was told to be quiet and just watch. It was really cool.

Ok, pretty much the most fabulous food around is at Ted's Bakery. We ate there about oh...6 times!! Its so good, they had all kinds of crazy hawaiian pasteries like macadamia nut pie, coconut cream pie, coconut danish, pineapple cheesecake!!! Can you see why we kept going back?!

This is the famous Chocolate Haupia (cocnut) pie, its to die for delicious!! While mom & grandma were here we probable ate two whole pies cuz we'd go back and eat at Ted's Bakery like every other day. G-ma was hooked on the Chocolate Eclairs that were as big as the palm of my hand. We probably ate about 10 of those too. Yum!