Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby Archer!!

Alright this little PRECIOUS baby boy is Colby & Samantha's little new one. He's a couple weeks old now but I had to put some pictures on here cuz he's a cutie. I miss Colby & Samantha & can't wait to have them down here with us!!!

More Max Birthday:

On Max's b-day we got him a free lunch at Joe's Farm House. I love how everytime we go eat somewhere he always asks, "What's the spiciest thing you got?" And of course he gets that.

Ok this is cute, it's Max opening his favorite birthday present ever!!! :)

Helicopter Take off!!! This is cool too.


I LOVE surprises, they just make me happy! So I had to plan something fun to do for Max on his 22nd birthday and I totally surprised him!! This picture below is not the big surprise but I got him a case of Mountain Dew because he loves it. Not surprisingly all his sodas were gone within like a week! haha I love this boy:

This is the surprise. I called our friend to see if they'd wanna take us on a helicopter ride for Max's birthday, and they so willingly did!! I have never been in a helicopter before and it was so fun, very small but such an experience!!

Pretty picture of Saguaro Lake:

It's crazy how much the helicopter moves when the wind blows. It swung us around quite a bit and was kinda freaky, but was still fun! Here's my birthday boy & I.

Here are some awesome pictures of our beautiful Arizona desert! If you don't agree you need to do this!!



Our first married easter was this year and it was awesome! We got up in the morning and went to Max's parent's house and had a $$$ Easter Egg Hunt. We all got some dollar bills and Hudson killed us when he found the $100 dollar bill, we were a little jealous I'll admit. Here's some pictures:

We took some family pictures outside by Brent's beautiful garden of flowers. I love these pictures, even though my husband doesn't look like one of us because of his mullet & go-tee. But hey its fun!

Mckenna & I

My love.