Sunday, February 28, 2010

~Lunch at Saguaro~

In January 2010 Max & I decided to take a drive in the cute VW up to Saguaro Lake. I packed a lunch & it was a beautiful day outside! We drove up to the last dock & had a picnic together with Marley & it was just perfect.
Saguaro Lake

My lover & I just after lunch about ready to go.

I truely believe this dog is Max's second love of his life. He's such an awesome dog! Oh and there's the cute VW, thats gone now :(


Still love this crazy man!

I'd say I do love this little man too.

This was so funny. The dock was swaying back and forth from the waves & totally freaked Marley out. He would not walk on that dock, but Max dragged him along. Then when we laid the blanket out to eat on, he wouldn't move out from in between us. He was a lil' scaredy cat.

Nice pic.

Camelback Hike:

We had a blast hiking camelback mountain! It was a long-fun hike that we want to do again. Shelby, Justin Baird, Hudson, and Max & I all went together & had so much fun. The hike was actually pretty intense, only Hudson & Max & I made it all the way to the top which is about 1.5 miles almost all completely uphill. We'd love to do it again so anyone who wants to do it let us know!

That's me making a run for it at the end.

Yes that is Hudson kicking my butt, he's a little stud.

And here's my handsome macho man who killed us all going up & down. He's such a cutie patootie!

He's kinda running a little retarded, I wanna say that was on purpose (hopefully).

Just a picture of the beginning of the hike.

And here's the crew, from left to right is Hudson Max me Justin & Shelby. What a day!