Thursday, November 5, 2009

~Why I LOVE Him~

I'll tell you what, not many women in this world are as lucky/blessed as I am to have such a wonderful man of my dreams to be married to. Every single day Max does things that just make me feel so lucky. So I wanted to share 10 things about him that I LOVE:

1.  Max is always willing to help me (especially with dishes & house stuff) in order to lighten my load. 

2. He has a stunning smile and is such a handsome devil!!! I just love him.

3. Max is always trying to be different, I love it. It makes life fun and unique and nothing ever gets old with him.

4. Every night he kisses me goodnight.
4. He loves adventures, going out and doing things, and just having lots of fun!
5. Max is hilarious, anyone who knows him always has a smile when talking to anyone. When we cut our hair on our honeymoon even the lady cutting his hair was cracking up. 
6. Max cares about every single person around him, making sure he thinks about others before himself.

7. He loves his family, my family, and he shows it.

8. Max is the love of my life, and always makes sure I know I'm the love of his.  

9. Max has a great Testimony of the Gospel....this is us going to church on our honeymoon. 

10. Max is such a goof, and is always making me crack up and laugh!