Sunday, February 15, 2009

Free Fallin'!!!

On my way to do the craziest thing ever.....

YA BABY!! This is our skydiving adventure, it was the funnest most crazy wildest thing i've ever done!! And I'd do it in a heart beat again, only if it was free though :) But if you haven't done it yet, hawaii is the place to go and do it it's amazing! We went in a group of about 14 people and we all made it out safely and alive. Nothing to worry about right?!

Wild spider we found while we were waiting to jump, weird huh!

The girls i LOVE EM!!

Me and my instructor dude named HERB!! He was kinda a crazy, he told us how he thought mormons had many wives he was kinda weird. But it was fun!!

The crew before the jump!!! These girls are great!!!

The girls: Kelsey (left) Me and Janelle (right). These girls are so so fun, to be honest they almost didn't come but I talked them into it because this is the "Semester of Yes" Let me explain, this semester might be all of our last semester out here so we decided that any opportunity that comes up we have to say YES!!! So now this is our semester of YES!!

This is the tiny plane we were scrunched in. Just to inform you how awkward this situation could possibly be, each person (girl) is sitting in front of the instructors (boys) and are strapped tightly to them so we don't die. Well I was the lucky one to be on the very end of the bench and with the force of the plane pushing everyone down towards me I was totally falling off the bench trying my hardest to hold everyone back from squishing me. Finally my instructor guy noticed and pulls me up even closer to him (ok awkward) and I just try to sit and ignore it and enjoy the view.

I think this one is me, oh well. The last thing the instructor told us to do is when we land to lift up your feet as much as possible so they could land ok and standing up. Just so you know me and my trainer guy landed perfectly!

DID I REALLY JUST DO THAT?!! Ya i totally did!!!

We're SO brave!! haha so fun!!

After our free falling experience of a lifetime!!!