Monday, September 29, 2008


ME AND MY BIKE!!! I love this thing it gets me around everywhere to foodland and school and FUN! Notice the cute basket and I also have a horn on it too. When i'm riding it around and people are in the way I give it a little toot toot and they turn around laughing. I just smile and say SORRY!! Its pretty fun!

HUKILAU BEACH!! I'm on the phone talking to mom in this picture but that was a good fun day!!

K you can't see it very well but I got destroyed by blue bubbles and got stung like 7 times!! It hurt so bad and it ached in my lymphnodes in my armpits cuz supposedly thats where it filters out. It goes away after like 8-10 hours or so but its not pleasant. 

This was awesome, k our friend in the middle is named Mike and he got baptized a few saturdays ago in the ocean!! There's a beach right in front of the temple called "Temple Beach" where they do all the baptisms in Laie it was so cool to see!

This is my favorite beach to surf at cuz the waves are still big but not too powerful. Its where you can learn the best and i love it!! It's called "Castles"

If you ever come visit me, we must go to this place cuz they have the best shaved ice in the whole world!

BEST shaved ice ever!! In the bottom there's ice cream & lots of flavor! It makes a big mess but its so yummy and worth it!!

This goofy canadian was with us when we all caught frogs, unfortunately its the only frog picture i took but thats our frog box!! We caught like 30 frogs and put them in our friends bath tub!!! SO FUNNY!! After we did it we sat outside and heard OH MY GOSH!!! I almost peed my pants!!

Fun girlies, left to right is kara jenny becky and kelly!

Kelly Ingold and I, this girl is SO much fun i love her. 

This is the beach RIGHT across from my house, you pronounce it like this WHO-KEY-L-OU i love it!

K so they got us back for the frogs by stealing ALL our light bulbs in the house, we only had to go one night in the dark but it was pretty funny!

This HUGE jelly fish we found in the water right across from my house!! If this thing stung someone they'd go to the hospital!!! CRAZY!!